You can’t make this SH#@T UP!

You can’t make this SH#@T UP!

You can’t make this SH#@T UP!


This past weekend was a rough one for us, Vicki’s Mom passed away, and even though we all knew it would happen at sometime, I don’t care how much you think your ready for it, how much you talk to God about it, it still hits hard for she was loved by so many. Rest in peace Mom, we love you!

Pat Kolle 1942-2020


But that not what this is about…

NOPE. It’s about looking at life, with out blinders on and making the best of every situation. And so here is how the story goes…

RJ was playing with his dog Captain, short for “Captain America”. It was a hot day, we had all been working on things. Everyone had the tension &  heartache of loosing another parent & grandparent. So the best thing to do is reach out to the ones you love, and that they love you back unconditionally, our pets!

For a while, RJ has played chase with Capt. using a remote control car and driving it all around the yard, as Capt. barked and ran after it. Not realize this time was different, due to the heat on our driveway,  Capt. tore some of his pads while having fun. 🙁 As soon as RJ noticed some blood on the driveway,  he stopped, checked things out and quickly picked him up and brought him inside the house.

Vicki researched what could be done, and in minutes we had him bandaged up and chilling on the couch. For the next couple of days Capt. received more love and care than I have ever gotten from the family. He was carried out to go potty; his food was hand feed to him as was his water.

There were times I came in to see both RJ & Vicki loving on him so much I felt like chopped liver! LOL! All in all Capt. deserved the attention and love. All the while, the little tyrant of our home, King Leonidas, was trying to get even with Capt. Pouncing on him, biting him and just being a bully now that the big dog was down.

What was awesome was how Leo actually laid by his buddy’s side and sort of protected him most of the time. After a couple of days Capt. was slowly and methodically walking, ever so gently on his paws, and finally we one morning we woke up to find Capt. doing really well. His demeanor, his movements and everything were slowly, but surely getting back to normal.

And then this happened…

Yesterday evening, right before bed, Vicki & I took them out side at dark for the last pee of the day.

Leo ran out and did his normal squat position, and remained there for over a couple minutes. (I still can’t understand how such a small dog can pee for 3 minutes! He just might be all bladder?) 🙂

Capt. walked into the dark, and the next thing we know we heard him yip! Thinking it was just his paws, we hurried over by.  We quickly realized that it was not his paws, due to the very distinct odor was way to familiar to us…SKUNK!

Yes that right we finally get Capt. walking a bit, and right before it’s time to go to bed, after all the loving and tender care he received … He got skunked! Needless to say his buddy, RJ, was no where to be found! Earlier in the day RJ packed up his crew and they headed south to Florida, to film some new stuff for Moving Forward. So the only ones here to handle the stinky situation was Mom & Dad.

We quickly got both dogs in, as the skunk went under the porch, still misting and our eyes were watering. Both of us realizing that is was going to be a long night. I quickly grabbed our Scent Away spray and sprayed Capt. Which truly did help to diffuse the pungent odor before letting him back in the house. But that was not enough…

From there I picked him up and carried him into the bathtub, where Vicki was ready and willing to wash him down with both Scent away soap and then Dawn for a second rinse cycle.

At the end of this incredible adventure it was now nearly 1:00am! We all were soaked, but clean. Tired but heart still pounding, and realized Grandma is watching from above laughing her ass off, for you cant make this SH#@*T UP!!


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