Archer's Choice's Ralph on a tractor



Its Wednesday and wanted to let everyone know I’m doing well. This past weekend was crazy wet, but today we are putting in our Hunter Specialties  Velevet clover mix.


We are almost kicking off our spring bear camp and I got the OK from the doctors to slowly get back into the saddle….I figured the tractor is a good enough saddle for me! Not much in riding a horse….LOL!

The dirt is pretty dry and we are using our Woods Precision Super Seeder, holy cow, does this thing save time & money. Instead of us doing disking, then seeding then dragging, this does it all in one pass. We all are liking this in a BIG way!

We decided to get a solid food source in our plots for the summer and since we will be hitting bear camp hard figured now is the best time. Hope your all getting time to get your plots in for the summer feeding period.


Josh & Chad are doing some filming of the plot work and using our drone they are getting some awesome shots. Had a Spypoint Xcel attached to the Seeder and we learned a very, very valuable lesson today…….Dont put it in front of the disk and cultipacker……and if I do, make sure I tie it too something so if it does fall off I dont roll over it and totally destroy it…..Point made and lesson learned today! Yikes…

Hope Vicki dont find out!