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October – December 2020



Ralph & Vicki's The Choice

The Choice

THE CHOICE®️ TV show is all about getting the family out into the outdoors. Ralph, Vicki & RJ show everyone that it doesn’t matter what style of hunting you prefer. There is no judging here, just the simple fact, they want you to make the time to get the family out, hunt, enjoy the outdoors and learn to be better stewards of the land. The Cianciarulo’s take you all over the globe in search of exciting hunting adventures.

The Choice – Budget Hunting At Its Finest! – Episode 10 – Trailer

2018 Show 3 The Kids Are Taking Over Again

2018 Show 4 Vicki and Kristy Head to Newfoundland Part 1

2018 Show 5 Vicki and Kristy Head to Newfoundland Part 2

2018 Show 6 The Squirrel Masters

2018 Show 7 Palmettos and Gobblers

2018 Show 8 Saskatchewan Slammers

2018 Show 9 Florida Gator and Hogs

2018 Show 10 Turkeys at Home