Trail Cameras for Hunting Turkeys

Trail Cameras for Hunting Turkeys

Trail Cameras for Hunting Turkeys

Maybe you have, but maybe you have not used your trail cameras for turkey hunting. We can tell you that using your trail cameras to successfully learn the patterns of your birds can pay big dividends for the table.

Understand that your gobblers really don’t travel as far, if you can control the pressure. We utilize our Spypoint Trail Cameras all the time to track the movement of our turkeys, and then we utilize our BaseMap App to route the movement patterns to see when and where he is going.

On the property you hunt, you may know where you have seen your birds roost. By doing some scouting, you can also find dusting areas which could be an old road bed, gravel pits, of just some agricultural or food plot fields. We normally start to cover the area near and around the roosting sites, then set cameras down near by roadways or two tracks in the timber between fields, CRP or open staging areas. We use all this data to see the patterns and the average times of when the turkeys are coming through. This will help you become more successful while turkey hunting.

We also learn an average time when the hens are going nest and those gobblers start to patrol the area. We have found that as they break up each flock ends up having their own little territory that they claim.  Most of the time this is not a big territory at all. The best thing to do is map out the routes, strategize on locations to set up your blinds. We will go in and clear out spots that we may work while hunting, and be able to set up quiet and fast in the actual hunt itself, knowing the movement patterns, thanks to our cameras and App prior to the hunt.

I promise you this is a great way to involve the whole family, trying to figure out where and when the turkeys are moving. Using today’s technology, whether you like it or not, can engage the youth more than ever and they will learn, as well as you in the process.

Keep the information that you find, for you will see year after year, most of the patterns never change as long as pressure, predators and the lay of the land is not changed drastically.

Good luck out there in the turkey woods!