The World Has Changed In A Week…

The World Has Changed In A Week…

The world has changed in a week, and I guess it’s safe to say we all handle situations differently. I recently had to go to the store, and walk through the aisles, that looked like they had not been stocked in weeks. The people were rushing around grabbing things. It made me wonder….”Am I missing something here?”

Every channel on TV has panels and doctor’s talking about how bad things are going to get, what we need to do to make it through this disaster.  I admit there’s a lot of people smarter than I, and when it comes to science. I think I got a D+ through most of my school years. However, when it came to nature I always got good markings in that aspect. So I will leave the science part to the experts, problem is I might not be clear on who actually is an expert!!

This is not a politically structured opinion, as many of you know we stay away from writing or passing on our political opinion. Why you may ask? That’s simple, we are most fortunate to do what we do and reach millions doing it, we feel like we should stick to what we know and share our adventures of living the great outdoor lifestyle, passing on tips what we actually learn in the field or on the range, doing it ourselves and making mistakes and trying to teach you all and entertain the family at the same time. We feel you don’t come to us to hear about politics, heck that’s all that is on lately anyways.

We have always wanted to help be that escape from reality, a time that you and the family could sit back and be right with us chasing a deer in the Midwest, squirrels, bow fishing, or tenting it in the remote wilderness. This is what we feel we should do.

This is the reason why I write this, I watch all parties and some are talking about the President of our country and ridiculing him on how he is handling a situation that has never seen the light of day like this before. We question everyone and maybe that is part of what we need to do, however I can’t help but feel we need to let them learn everything they can, as each day unfolds, and let them do their job. They are surrounding themselves with true experts in their field and No one individual is making a decision, but rather gathering all the Intel and then as a group they move forward. Will they make mistakes? HELL YES they will, we are human and that is part of our DNA! In my nearly 60 years on this planet I can tell you I think we need ALL politicians to understand they work for ‘We The People’ and not some party or for individual gain.

We need all generations to come together, to listen and obey and this situation will not take us down. We are the strongest Nation of diversity on this planet, we can come together but it starts at the base and that is family values and parent control.

We can only hold our hearts out and wish only the best for everyone in these times of pearl, unknowing and fear. It’s easy to be sitting down writing something like this but it’s time to act and help make a difference.  Faith conquers fear, family & friends gives us strength, knowledge if its legitimate will power us. Let us let those who know explore, learn and listen. For those who live the outdoor lifestyle as we have always done we are not panicking, we know what needs to be done to survive and live off the land. We understand that raping our resources will never be the answer, but rather the demise of a renewable resource. Life is a magnificent thing that we should never take for granted, our health is everything and take that away and there is nothing.

This is not the time for us to perish, it’s not time for us to divide, it is not the time of the end. This is an opportunity to realize just how much we have taken for granted, made many think there is no winner or loser. Not everyone deserves getting a trophy! Work hard and you will be rewarded, for every action there will always be a reaction! These are some things my parents always told me and I think I turned out OK.

Let us all bow our heads, bring our hands together and pray for all our fellow humans, no matter where they are from, pray for all the first responders helping, all the nurses, doctors and volunteers, even the politicians who many have forget they work for us, the people who worked their entire lives trying to put food on their families table, keep a roof over their heads and try and make something out of their lives. Yes, this is a rough time but we will survive and learn from this, allow our President and all the people whom the majority of all of us voted in to do their job. Yes, mistakes will be made but not anyone of us are PERFECT and I know I can’t cast the first stone….nor do I want to.