Summer Time Limb Bending!!

Summer Time Limb Bending!!

Be sure to get some summer time limb bending in…

Many around the world are starting to open up their lives, as this pandemic social control is lifting in some areas. Still much of America is not allowed to open and archery pro shops are struggling across our land. We have heard numerous shops actually closing their doors for good. The stress level is at an all time high for many, and life as we knew it, may be changed forever.  There is one thing that still remains, and that is grabbing your bow and heading outside, in the basement, hallway or wherever you deem safe to shoot your bow, go out and do some limb bending!

For many it has been awhile and for others we never stopped shooting. It doesn’t matter which one you are, either way you’re a bow hunter and archer so its time to start Draw, Anchor, Aim & Release!!

Inspect your strings, cables & loop.

Start with your string & cables!

Inspect your strings and cables, look for any fraying, any slightly discoloration where your highest stress/wear points are. Be sure to inspect it closely and check out your loop, if any of this looks worn, REPLACE it now! Maybe you thought of putting custom strings and cables on, do it now, shoot them in and use your old string & cables for a spare.

Wax your string & cables!

Wax your string and cables! We apply the wax and then use a lightweight leather glove and rub it in causing friction and heats the wax to impregnate the materials better.

Check your timing.

Check your timing! If you’re not sure how to, its simple. Measure the gap between where the string wraps around the cam and loops onto the string holding arm of the cam, and to your string, do the same to the bottom side as well and this can give you a quick reference on if your cams are in sync.

If your still unsure you can slowly pull back your bow and anchor slow, if it feel one cam is rolling over sooner than the other, this could be a warning letting you know you need a tune-up. Make sure your limbs are consistent with adjusted weight preference. For correct arrow flight, you don’t want cam to be working more that the other.

Checking brace height

Go on line and find out what the recommended brace height is for your bow, every manufacture has this and can help you to understand your set up. Brace height is the distance from the deepest part of the grip to the string.

Check the rest of your accessories out!

Inspect your rest; make sure there is no fraying of the rope control that activates your drop away rest. The worst thing to have happen is that your on a hunting trip and this breaks! Honestly, anything that goes wrong will end up playing mind games with us. The more you can learn on your own set ups, the better off you will be. Be sure to check that the arms are in solid on your rest. If you apply some type of silencing material to your rest arms, make sure its not worn out and is still keeping your arrow draw quiet.

Checking things out…

Inspect your arrows!! On any full carbon arrow, hold it tight on the front end and back end then slowly twist the shaft, if there is any feeling of loose flexibility within the slow rotation back and forth, do not shoot it! Throw it away!! You have compromised the integrity of the carbon shaft and it’s no good. Spin your aluminum arrows to check for straightness and dents.

Now it’s time to check your fletching, repair and replace. Check your nocks for any nicks and replace.

This is the time to get ready!! If you have any questions that we may be able to help you with, please email us and we will try and get you the answers.