Ralph and Vicki choice video


We are in our Ameristep ground blind on our first afternoon here in Alberta with Don Lind and the boys of South Peace Outfitters. It’s good thing we are in the blind cause it’s raining pretty good.

We have done the best we can for our scent, showered down with HS scent away soap and shampoo, I don’t need a lot of shampoo! Figured I’d say that before one of you or Vicki did!!!!  Clothes all washed in Scent away, sprayed down before we left camp and again right before we set up, sprayed the whole area down with our Northwoods Bear scent mixtures and even sprayed the blind…. Want a bear to come close for the cameras! Got our Ozonics on and  Josh & I are grateful to be here.

It was one month ago today I got my stints put in and there are times you ponder What If!!!  I can tell you when we wrote what all happened to us we never imagined the response from all of you it was more than a blessing and we can never repay you all for the prayers and well wishes! I never thought we would hear from so many about them going to the doctor and getting checked up and others sharing with us what they went through. We believe in the power of prayer and when we all are sitting in the woods listening to the sounds of nature it sure makes you reflect on many things! This is why we hunt! People who don’t hunt who don’t enjoy the outdoors are truly missing out on a true blessing from God!  We are so happy and proud to know we helped some of you but we want you to know how much you have helped us and please note we don’t take that for granted!!!!!

Got to go we just heard a big branch snap!!