Random things going on here at the Archer’s Choice Media office

Random things going on here at the Archer’s Choice Media office

Big O'l Gobbler

It’s been a while since we blogged, and we really need to start doing this more often! So, we will do our best to fix that. We have so many random things going on here at Archer’s Choice Media, that we are kind of running around like a gobbler looking for hen!! 😉

We have many things going on, new Archer’s Choice and The Choice television episodes being produced, for our 19th season on Outdoor Channel!! It’s crazy to think we have been television for so many years, but here we are, and still happily married!! LOL!

Ralph & Vicki's Offgrid podcast, hosted by Pete Roger!

We started a new podcast this past January!! Crazy as it may seem, but we did! It’s call Ralph & Vicki’s OffGrid podcast, hosted by Pete Rogers! It is available on just about anywhere you can hear podcasts!!

We have a bunch of exciting hunts coming up this year, including a bunch this fall with our son, RJ!! He graduates high school this May!! Where does the time go?! It seems like yesterday we were carrying him around on our backs, and now he can help carry out our game!!

RJ with Boomer & Sparky

We will be heading to New Zealand soon, with Rachel & Olly at Leithen Valley Hunts. This should be a real fun trip, as this time we have Hoppy & Susan, from Osceola Outfitters traveling there with us!! 😀

We are all looking forward to the spring turkey & bear hunts. Well, honestly, looking more forward to the bear than the turkey hunts… just saying.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Oh, Ralph had a swivel ground blind chair land on his face this week… Ouch! It was up in the rafters in the garage and it didn’t want to be there any more… To see what I’m talking about, go head over to our Facebook page@ralphandvicki

I’m sure there is more, but for now, that should cover most of it.

Please check back again soon, and we will do our very best to blog more often!!

Have an amazing day!! Vicki & Ralph