Make Quebec your next Destination!

Make Quebec your next Destination!

We who love the outdoors and participate in it as much as possible know the value of good management, respecting the habitat and the animals itself. Some states and provinces back away from marketing to the passionate hunting and fishing enthusiasts’ but not Quebec and now Quebec Outfitters Federation is once again offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for their very popular Destination Giveaway!

For many years we have traveled across this game rich environment in search of whitetail deer, black bear, moose, caribou and waterfowl, fishing has been out of this world and the scenic beauty we have been able to share with our millions of viewers through the years has been nothing but breathtaking.

Today’s world is changing and to know that Quebec has our backs to help protect, promote and expand this great outdoor lifestyle that many of us live and cherish on an everyday basis is great to know.

Check out the QOF and see who is who in the guiding and outdoor world in Quebec. They make it simple to find the right choices for your next adventure.

Support those provinces who stand up for our rights, make your next hunting & fishing destination Quebec.

The giveaway for this years Ultimate Destination has begun! Click the link below to go sign up for your chance to win and experience the amazing things Quebec has to offer!