Late Season Plots & Trail Cameras

Late Season Plots & Trail Cameras

Late Season Food Plots and Trail Cameras

We work hard in the summer at putting in food plots for this time of year, and between putting in the plots and setting up our Spypoint Trail Cameras, we can see we have some great late season deer hunting to be had. Winter has kicked in good here and our Hunter’s Specialties Winter Forage food plots are working great! This is Ralph’s favorite time of the year to hunt, late season and in the snow. The deer always move great right before a new front comes thru, and lately we have had a bunch of fronts moving thru.

Hunter’s Specialties Winter Forage plot under the snow. 

The deer are hitting the plots hard right now, and it’s very obvious right now with the pics on the cameras. In less than 10 days, they have torn up one of our Winter Forage plots, and they seem to be enjoying it!

12/12 fresh snow, not many tracks

12/22 — 10 days later! Torn up! 

We also have the random deer that feels the need to sniff the camera a bit to much and spin the camera upside down. It does make for some interesting photos.

Pretty upside down photo!

Check this one out, this buck has already shed his antlers!!

Shed antlers 12/16 (Yes, this one was upside-down too. 

Trail cameras are great to see what deer have made it thru some seasons, as well as getting to see new bucks coming around. This is a new guy that has just recently started to show up. We haven’t had one picture of him until now!

What a big, old mature buck!! 

We have until mid January to fill our archery tags and using our Spypoint trail cameras, we know where and when we need to be out there. There’s another front coming thru this afternoon, so we best get out of the office and head to the woods!! Ralph & Vicki