Archer's choice ox hunt



So many things happen when your hunting and many are not captured on video…….but sometimes they are!

This summer we were down under, hunting water buffalo with George at Leithen Valley in Australia and RJ was hunting with his Thompson Center Encore. We had spotted a scrub bull feeding along the river and we needed to get the wind in our favor, so we circled in front of him and cross the river on a sandbar. As we were stalking through, we spotted a water buffalo feeding towards us! He kept getting closer and never even noticed us, as we all had settled into the brush as he approached.

At about 20 yards away, the buffalo just dropped down into the river bottom to get a drink. We were above him but he was close. We spotted the scrub bull again, also feeding towards us on the other side of the river. George decided to get RJ perched up on a tree overhanging the river and just above the water buffalo drinking. When the scrub bull presented a good shot, RJ took aim and squeezed the trigger and nailed the shot!
And that’s when all hell broke loose!! The water buffalo came rushing out of the river and up in the bank! George quickly got on him with his rifle, as the buffalo was in total shock and not looking too happy! RJ’s scrub bull was down and he went to put another shell in, just in case of a charge from the buffalo, when he lost his balance and slid down the tree and grabbed a root hanging over the river bank!

Not knowing what else was in the water, you could see RJ was holding on for his dear life!! I quickly dropped the camera and rushed to help him,as did George, once the buffalo took off. Within seconds, this all happened, and when it all happened in realtime, it seemed like it was all in slow motion. We all laughed after the fact, but we realize it could have gone totally wrong in a heartbeat, but it didn’t and instead, it created memories that will last our lifetimes.


Thanks George for protecting us and giving us the best down under adventure we could ever ask for!!

Thank goodness for RJ’s weight training and football practice, for having the strength to hold on and not drop into the river…… I think his thoughts were rushing between the fresh water crocs, snakes and spiders!! He probably could of held on for about a week…..just saying!  LOL!!? Ralph