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Shed Hunting & Prepping for Next Season

By RJ Cianciarulo | Feb 13, 2020

By: Ralph Cianciarulo It’s that time of year when next years’ hunt begins. The goals are simple, find the sheds of the bucks you’re after and see how they change from year to year. Shed hunting has become more popular

It’s a Wrap!

By RJ Cianciarulo | Jan 23, 2020

It’s a Wrap! Hanging up your stands till next year. Ralph Cianciarulo   Season has come to a close for most and the time for taking down, cleaning up, and repairing is now before we stack all the stands, put

Montana River Bottom Revenge

By RJ Cianciarulo | Jan 16, 2020

Montana River bottom revenge! Hunting with Jeff Jerome of Deep in the Bush Adventures   You know when you meet someone for the first time you either know you want to hunt with that person or you don’t. This was

Saying Goodbye to 2019 and Welcoming in 2020!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Jan 3, 2020

Saying good bye to 2019 and welcoming in 2020… How do you start to recap such a wild and crazy year? We felt the best way it so just dive in and talk about it all. January – March Last

Merry Christmas from our house to Yours!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Dec 19, 2019

How can it be almost Christmas? It’s been a crazy year here, and it has flown by at light speed. As we all realize that 2019 is almost over, let’s take a moment to remember the reason for season. With

April Updates from Ralph & Vicki

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Apr 12, 2019

This year is flying by, and it’s already been a busy one!! Trade shows are pretty much done for now, then we went to New Zealand and now it’s turkey season!! So we have a bunch to catch up on…

Random things going on here at the Archer’s Choice Media office

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Mar 19, 2019

It’s been a while since we blogged, and we really need to start doing this more often! So, we will do our best to fix that. We have so many random things going on here at Archer’s Choice Media, that

Ralph & Vicki’s 400th Episode!!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Jul 12, 2018

Wow!! 400th Episode! We started producing and airing Archer’s Choice with Ralph & Vicki, 18 years ago on Outdoor Channel and then started The Choice with Ralph & Vicki 5 years later. We would have never thought that would have

This Warden is working hard for his Gobbler!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | May 9, 2018

This Warden is working hard for his bird! It’s our second season for Illinois turkey and Vicki & I didn’t have tags for it, but one of our local game wardens did and he was pumped to get in the

Turkey Hunting – Home Grown Gobbling Getting!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | May 3, 2018

Turkey hunting in Illinois 1st season. So as many know, this spring turkey hunting season was not like the normal mild weather. We had snow, cold, high winds and freezing temps. Yes, if one more person tells me about global

Turkey Hunting … Colder Than Cold Gobblers

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Apr 27, 2018

It still is dang cold outside and it’s middle of April… We are questioning this concept on Global warming during this turkey hunting season! My first morning on the 1st season opener in Illinois, showed up with negative temps and

Turkey Hunting Youth Season Sleeping Tactics….RJ & Ralph

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Apr 19, 2018

Yes, this turkey hunting season has definitely been a bit different than the past here at home camp. We saw colder temps than normal and this made for some very chilly morning hunts so far. RJ was up first with one