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Christmas Clearance Sale!!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Dec 6, 2018

60% Off Everything!! It’s the holiday season and we decided it’s a great time to put all of our products, on our website, at 60% Off!! 😀 Now thru Christmas! Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and DVD’s!! But the sale is only

Ralph & Vicki’s 400th Episode!!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Jul 12, 2018

Wow!! 400th Episode! We started producing and airing Archer’s Choice with Ralph & Vicki, 18 years ago on Outdoor Channel and then started The Choice with Ralph & Vicki 5 years later. We would have never thought that would have

This Warden is working hard for his Gobbler!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | May 9, 2018

This Warden is working hard for his bird! It’s our second season for Illinois turkey and Vicki & I didn’t have tags for it, but one of our local game wardens did and he was pumped to get in the

Turkey Hunting – Home Grown Gobbling Getting!

By Vicki Cianciarulo | May 3, 2018

Turkey hunting in Illinois 1st season. So as many know, this spring turkey hunting season was not like the normal mild weather. We had snow, cold, high winds and freezing temps. Yes, if one more person tells me about global

Turkey Hunting … Colder Than Cold Gobblers

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Apr 27, 2018

It still is dang cold outside and it’s middle of April… We are questioning this concept on Global warming during this turkey hunting season! My first morning on the 1st season opener in Illinois, showed up with negative temps and

Turkey Hunting Youth Season Sleeping Tactics….RJ & Ralph

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Apr 19, 2018

Yes, this turkey hunting season has definitely been a bit different than the past here at home camp. We saw colder temps than normal and this made for some very chilly morning hunts so far. RJ was up first with one

2 Years Later… Ralph’s Heart

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Apr 24, 2017

This was a blog that Ralph posted 2 years ago (4/29/15), right after he had 2 stents put in for his heart. We want to remind everyone to please remember to listen the warnings signs. If you are not feeling

Bear N’Down – Never Say Never

By Nakita | Mar 14, 2017

Spring Bear Hunting and Patience! Spring has sprung early this year and talking with all our outfitters and friends in the great north they are all saying the same thing, “It’s going to be an early spring season and the

Make Quebec your next Destination!

By Nakita | Feb 21, 2017

We who love the outdoors and participate in it as much as possible know the value of good management, respecting the habitat and the animals itself. Some states and provinces back away from marketing to the passionate hunting and fishing

Late Season Plots & Trail Cameras

By Vicki Cianciarulo | Dec 23, 2016

Late Season Food Plots and Trail Cameras We work hard in the summer at putting in food plots for this time of year, and between putting in the plots and setting up our Spypoint Trail Cameras, we can see we have


By Vicki Cianciarulo | Dec 2, 2016

  It’s been a crazy fall season and it’s not slowing down much. We have had a great hunting season so far and we are a bit behind in getting the ‘office’ stuff done. Production meetings, filming and just trying

Ralph meets a llama


By Vicki Cianciarulo | Sep 11, 2016

Utah early season Elk hunt with Clint Kearl of KRO. It’s August 31st and the plan was Kenneth would meet up with us at Ohare, but as usual that didn’t happen. His flight from NC took a sudden landing for

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