BaseMap….. Hunting/land app, why use it?

BaseMap….. Hunting/land app, why use it?

BaseMap….. Hunting/Scouting/Land app, why use them?

Basemap Hunting

BaseMap….. Hunting/land app, why use it? I know most of the western hunters have been using these types of apps for awhile, especially due to all the open public land that is out there and I get it! I can see the big advantages, especially if you have not been there before. It makes a lot of sense, however, when we come back home to the Midwest and we ask other hunters here, they  say things like, “I don’t need that, I only hunt the 40 acres my grandparents own.”

We are here to tell you your missing out on a big opportunity of have some incredible information available to you at a click of a button. Tracking, land ownership and so much more. These are tools that will enhance your opportunity, and allow family or friends to follow you. Things like marking sign, new trails, scrapes, rub lines, new bedding areas, property lines and so much more.

This is a tool to help finalize your efforts into a well thought out plan for action. Put this in with your trail camera intel and the next thing you know, you are hunting better than ever before. Now I know some are going to say that’s not fair, its cheating….. But if you’re like me, I write and keep notes, wind directions, moon phases and so much more. I will be the first to tell you, I am not a ‘techie’ guy. I am way more old fashion, but as Vicki & RJ show me the benefits of walking through our timber while  marking down waypoints, trails, sign, etc and coming back to base. Then laying this all out and looking at it on my phone or laptop, and you can see the whole story unfolding right in front of your own eyes.

As we get older, and I am living proof of that, I maybe sometimes forgot where I put a camera or two… but it’s not my fault, during season I’m always tweaking locations and running like crazy so maybe there are times I forget some things… LOL! 

Not anymore! As I put our Spypoint Cameras out, I mark them down and can share all this intel now with Vicki & RJ.

I recently used it for a future hunt that we are looking at going on. Never being there before and listening to the landowner describe it, I was able to look on the Basemap App, as he was telling us things, it really did help to understand and see things clearer. We also knew who the other land owners were, and he was shocked as we talked on how we knew that, sort of made me feel smart for once… LOL!

Don’t be fooled by thinking that this is just a tool for western hunting, this is a tool for all hunters! Whether you own land or not, whether you hunt private or public, the Basemap App can truly help you. … Ralph


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