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April Updates from Ralph & Vicki


This year is flying by, and it’s already been a busy one!! Trade shows are pretty much done for now, then we went to New Zealand and now it’s turkey season!! So we have a bunch to catch up on…

Leithen Valley Hunts!

We headed to New Zealand to hunt with Leithen Valley Hunts, Rach & Olly Burke!! This time we took Hoppy & Susan Kempfer (Osceola Outfitters) with us. We had an amazing trip and made a ton of memories! Besides us shooting amazing stag, we met some new friends while in camp, and even had a little time to do some sight-seeing!! 😀

Ralph’s Red Stag from Leithen Valley Hunts, New Zealand!

Vicki’s Red STag from Leithen Valley Hunts, New Zealand!

Hoppy’s red Stag from Leithen Valley Hunts, New Zealand!

New Zealand is a beautiful country and has some of the nicest people you’d ever meet!! We did some ‘tourist’ things, which is not normal for us, but it was fun and saw some amazing things!!

One of the many waterfalls new Milford Sound, NZ! :D

Now that we are back stateside, we are getting some filming done for the new Archer’s Choice season on Outdoor Channel!! This is our 19th season for Archer’s Choice! Time really does fly by… don’t blink, you will miss it!! 😀

Turkey Season 2019!

We are gearing up for turkey season here in Illinois and may even take a quick trip out to Colorado for a quick turkey hunt… depending on this crazy April weather! 😉

Ralph is ready for anything! He thinks the bigger the call, the better you’ll sound… 🙂 LOL!! Good thing we have a bunch of Hunter’s Specialties calls with us, so we don’t have to rely on that thing….

Ralph and his HUGE turkey call!! ;)

Good luck out there this spring, chasing those gobblers!! Good luck hunting for those morel mushrooms too! 😀

Don’t forget, if you aren’t able to catch our shows on Outdoor Channel because of cable issues, check us out on MyOutdoorTV!! All of our episodes are there as well!! Then you never have to miss us!

Have an amazing day!! God Bless!!!

Ralph & Vicki