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Default Indiana longbeard.... Stalked!!

I wasn't even hunting today!!! I got home from work around 4pm or so. decided to go across the road and do a quick mushroom hunt, found a few. my 6 year old son was with me, we found a box turtle, and I help him take it to show his brother. well anyway were out in the yard, when my neighbor (a turkey addict) comes over, and tells me there's 2 long beards and 2 jakes out in the field in front of his house.

So I take a look through the bino's and decide to take the challenge!!!

After gathering my turkey gear,I leave at 5:26pm.... the race is on!!!

I'll have to go down over the lake damn about 300 yards through the woods, 1/4 mile through a wooded finger then about another 1/4 mile parallel to the field and another 1/4 mile back to the field. finally get within 50 yards of the field edge and can see 3 toms through the bino's. I keep working to get out in front of them and get close enough to the edge where I can get a shot off. I parallel them for 100 yards or so, when suddenly they reverse course and turn around and feed back the other way.

So I do the same thing in reverse..... after about 75 yards, one of the jakes steps into the woods, he's about 80 yards away, the second jake follows, then one of the longbeards. The lead jake passes at 50 yards. So I get my gun up, because if the tom follows I'll get a shot opportunity.

Well he followed and at 50 yards I put him down for good.....

I start working my way back to the field edge and its 6:02pm, the race is over and I WON!!!!!

2 year old tom 22 lbs 10" beard, 3/4" spurs

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Hey congrats on a great looking bird !!!!
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congrats on a nice gobbler......
Happy Huntin' to all
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Yee-haw! Another Hoosier scores!
Great bird, great story!
I am hoping that I can fill my Indiana tag within the next couple days.
Lisa Metheny
Outdoor Writer and Photographer
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Great Bird!! He looks like he was a fighter! Nice story to go with him also!
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Yep... that's a shooter! Nice job!
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Way to go!!
Hoyt Katera
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Nice bird! WTG and congrats
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Hey Great Bird Congrats
SPC Barton, 720th CSC
Tallil, Iraq

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