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Default Any Velvet?

Anyone seeing the Bucks growing in the fall head gear yet? I've only seen a little button buck, nothing else for now.
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I saw a couple pushing. Our pet deer is pushing pretty good too.
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A guy I know from a different website, posted a picture of a scrub buck with last years spikes (or small 4-point rack) still hanging on from this past weekend!
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Originally Posted by OhioCooner View Post
I've only seen a little button buck, nothing else for now.
thats all we have right now too.

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I have yet to see any mule deer growing, but have been seeing a lot of bull elk growing, but not much more then 10" so far.
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We got two on video while out turkey hunting. One has the start of some really big bases, I don't think I could get my hand around them, and probably 2-3" tall already. The other was just enough that you could see them.
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Starting to see quite a bit now. Starting to split the brow and start the main beam
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Starting to see some with 3-4" now. Going to hit the woods with the trail cams now that Turkey season is almost over and get some mineral licks out there for them now. Got some work to do on some property also, clearing some over grown fields and pulling stumps and plowing it up for seeding. Anyone have any suggestions for types of grass to plant during the summer that will reach maturity by hunting season? And any idea of fertilzer to spread around mature apple trees to help them along? These trees have a ton of blossoms on them just looking to give them a boost.

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Holy Cow, checked the cams and got one from about a week ago. Good size bases and out past the ears allready. Hope this guy stays around so I can watch the gowth thru the summer. He looks to be a really good one.
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This is crazy but all last year and most of this... all we've seen are doe.

And the doe are getting FAT! I mean pot bellies and all. I doubt they are pregnant. Since they are in a residential area, my feeling is that are feeding REALLY well. I really have yet to see a buck though. We'll be in the house 2 years come January and not one muley-buck ever. Really odd.

I know there's at least one buck somewhere close because for every doe I see 1 maybe 2 fawn close by, and I'm seeing on average 3 or 4 doe in 2 to 3 seperate clusters... all within about a mile and a half of eachother. No joke. One of these days I'll actually have to put my head into something besides investments on my way home and be ready with a camera.
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