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Default Filled One Tag

Thought I would share a Story and Pics of how my Season has gone so far. Things have been pretty rocking actaully. I called this guy in on the second day, third day I called in one for my dad, then yesterday I called a Trio up and my dad was able to fill his second and last tag. Now I've just got my last tag to go.

Quick Re-cap on the hunt.

We got in the woods at about 10 till 6:00. No gobbling what so ever so we tried an owl hoot. Got a response and made are way closer to the gobbler. He started gobbling on his own and had a couple buddies going too, but they were deeper. We decided to try and get on to this one hill that we have seen them strut on and as we get to this spot he gobbles...we look up and there he is sitting in a small tree not far at all. Thought we were busted so we backed up a little and sat next to a tiny tree. I let out a couple of my own mouth calls and he hammered back! I popped in a mouth call then and my dad started stratching some leaves up this got him really going!
I turned on the shakes about now...I was getting nervous.
Well it's just after shooting light and he starts turning up the gobbling and is ready to come down. I was still talking to him slightly but not much since he was so interested I didn't want to over do it.
Well he pitched down right at 40 yards to my left.
My safety clicks off.
He started puffing up and my dad scratched up a few more leaves and he started to my right and closing in.
I gave him a couple clucks, Gobbled right back!
He stops and I move the scope to him... He steps forward into some brush.
Then a hen to our right starts calling to him, he takes another step towards her, he's out of the brush.
My Red Dot is burning bright and I take the 25 Yard shot...

He had,
9 1/4" Beard
1" Spurs
Weight - 19lbs

Here's the Spurs, They have a white color that I've never seen.

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Awesome job OC!!!! Sounds like they are ready in Ohio...we'll see what tomorrow has in store for us PA folks.
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Congrats! Thats one nice tom! Thanks for sharing the story to with us.
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Tomorrow is the big day for us! Woo hoo!
"Knowing when to shoot and when to wait is one sign of maturity in a bowhunter. Be patient and pick your aim point carefully." ~ Randy Ulmer

"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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Congrats Ohiocooner!

Sounds like your telling those gobblers just what they want to hear!
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Thank Ya's! Good Luck to you guys that are hitting the woods tomorrow!
I'll tell you this, each bird so far has been downed with a H. S. Strut Diaphragm call. I never really used one in past seasons, but I'll never leave home without one now!
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Very Nice.......sounds like a great time
Happy Huntin' to all
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Awesome job! That is one respectable tom for sure that will grace your wall soon! Congratulations. I also have not seen white spurs on a turkey...always black. I would keep those legs. turn up the claws, salt them, dry them out and mount them on a board for a cool rack!
Warm regards,


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