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Default Bearded hen

A local shot this hen the other day........6" beard.
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We sure that's a hen?

God help us if cross-dressing has moved to the animal kingdom...

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I'd definitely be getting that mounted!!!
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I had one in my backyard last summer almost identical to that. She and 3 other "normal" hens were regular visitors. I haven't seen her since last fall though.
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Nice!!!!!!!!! Thats my next turkey hunting goal. I want to shoot the bearded hen slam with my bow. Some people get mad when you shoot bearded hens. Not me bring them on!
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Pretty darn cool! My tom last year was a double-beard (one at 9.5" and the other at 6.5"). I saw a hen once with a beard but it just barely stuck out maybe 3". It was an odd sight. That one is like a full on drag queen. Did she have an adams apple?
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I've herd one out of forty hens will have a beard, but I think we have more than that . I see several every year already seen two this year got one on video.
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Where I hunt in Missouri we see several each year.
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My Dad shot one a few years ago. Pretty neat! She even had a belly full of eggs, however non were ready to be layed. I think she had 7-8" Beard.
I almost shot one 2yrs ago. Her and another hen were out in a field I snuck up on them and they started leaving. Well I steadied the gun on where they would cross in front of me and when they came across, no beard! Turns out they went thru some wet grass and it stuck to her feathers... oh well.
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