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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
No joke...

Mine was a long, willow branch with about 10 pieces of twine all tied together. We used to trim the greener limbs off the tree and make arrows. No fletching... no heads...

Used a pocket knife to carve out a noc in the "arrows". That all worked out ok until the bow (branch) would dry out, snap at half draw, and half kill one of us.

My dad got tired of explaining to grampa why there where holes in the tree, so he went to their basement and pulled out his old... and I do mean old... fiberglass 5 foot recurve.

I doubt the thing pulled more than 15 pounds, but it was a bow, and we didn't care other wise.

Matter of fact, I was elected to present the different bows available when I took hunters safety, and I took that bow as an example. I tried really hard to get my neighbor to let me borrow his 2 year old compound bow at the time. No go...

After a while I found other thnigs to occupy my time, and that bow was last seen... well I'm not sure I know now. Hmmm...

Anyway... I have a RedHead Kryptik currently. I wonder what happened to that bow....
Well sure I did the same thing as a child. But today I'd laugh till I had tears if I found one of those long bows I made some 45 plus years ago. Primative just does not cut it but it was fun. The bows I shoot today are an obvious carry over from those days of having fun. And I'm still having a blast with the store bought bows and arrows.
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I forgot all about my REALLY first one! I think it was made from a branch off an ash tree. The string was either baling twine or some trot line string that I snitched from my Dad. Most of my "arrows" were lilac switches. Ya didn't pull back too far. Either the "bow" would snap or the "arrows" would flex and shoot off in a direction that ya weren't pointed in!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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I started shooting a bear long bow, I don't remember the model. I now shoot a Switchback
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Originally Posted by farmcntry View Post
What bow do you use now and what was your first??
I started out with an old yellow fiberglass from western auto. Changed to the Browning Bantum 60# the year they arrived. I changed again to my final bow, unless I get stupid, the Mathews Outback 70#. None better for me!!
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Looking at the list of bows here shows some are a bit longer in the tooth than others.

Other than the tree limb bows that we strung with wire leader material... that was great till Dad came home and could'nt find any of his arrows hanging in his quiver in the garage... after answering the questions of where are they... wood chucks and chippies where great young man's hunting fodder.. he put me and my brother into the car rather than the wood shed and bought us both Bear Whitetail hunters. Yup the ones form the middle 70's. I have had a lot of different bows in my hands over the years, being a Pro Staffer has allowed many oppertunities over the years but everytime I look at that bow on the wall I can see as vividly as if it was this afternoon the first deer I took on my 16th birthday.

This year I am shooting a Hoyt Katera.
Easton Pro Staff Vermont
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I started with a PSE in the early 80's, I was looking for a Bear Delta V at the time and couldn't find one. I don't remember the model number, I am now shooting a Drenalin after a 13 year break in the action, and man, is it ever different from my Oneida Screaming Eagle that I was shooting last!!! Things changed just a tiny bit in those 13 years!!!!
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aaa geeze.
my first bow,,, i dont even remember but i got my first real compound bow when i was 5 or 6.
now i have a diamond black ice. its so smooth and lightweight. i have a feeling its gonna be around for a LONG time. i love it and wouldnt give it up for a million dollars... well i would because i could buy a new one and then still have the rest of the million dollars but ya get the idea.
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Default What Bow?

I Started With A Reflex.. My Son Had One And We Are Pretty Much The Same Size,, Then I Shot A Bowtech General And Had To Have One,, So Now I Shoot A General And He Shoots A Bowtech 101st,, I Just Love My Bow ! No Vibration And Extremely Quiet! I Am Leaving For Quebec For A Caribou Hunt In Sept. And Hope To Bring Home My First P&y!!!
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The first compound I owned was a Bear Black Bear. 40lbs, brass sight pins with painted ends. Stick on rubber rest
The first bow I hunted with was a Parker Challenger set at 45lbs. I now shoot a Bowtech Equalizer pulling 52#.
Bow: $700
Stuff to go on bow: $300.00
Arrows and Broadheads: $250.00
Trying not to look shocked when you actually hit what your aiming at: PRICELESS
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