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I like to use the G5 Montecs and the Spitfires. Also there are some mechanicals that are very effective even with the lower draw, the crimson talons are pretty good.
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NAP Hellrazors or Muzzy Phantoms are awesome broadheads. They have done the job numerous times.
Lisa Metheny
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i've been using thunderheads since they quit making the original razorbaks ,never had a problem tuning them and they fly great!
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I have shot Muzzys for years. Im giving Blood trailers a try though. They really do shoot dead on with field points. I have to wait and see what they will do to an animale.
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I shoot 100 gr Thunderheads and love how accurate they are. No complaints and all thumbs up with these broadheads.
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Cool Many BHs

I've shot lots of different broadheads since my first bowkill in 1975. Always fun to look at new stuff but I stay with 125 gr fixed heads.

I shoot several Magnus BHs but prefer the Snuffer SS and Stinger 4 bld.

Used a Slick Trick 125 magnum on my last elk. It was still sharp and cut me badly when I tried to take the head off the arrow last month.

Note to self- use the BH wrench.


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Hey GregE! Welcome to the forum. Make yourself comfortable!
Warm regards,


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Hi my name is Chad and I'm a broad headaholic.
I like Magnus, II, stingers 4bl and snufer SS
Also like Zwikeys 4 blade
Steelforce two blades.
Muzzy, 3 or 4bl
Montecs fly well for me also
Going to try the slick tricks this season

GregEE,GregEE,GregEE. Do I need to put mittens on you when you play with sharp objects
Well at least you are getting blooded after a kill, I normally get cut pulling out of a target
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I personally like the Snyper two blades. I have a three blade Snypyer XP that I have been trying to fire at an animal for three seasons now. I think it's bad luck.

Heavy blood trails and just devistatingly quick kills.

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I've used all of the NAP heads and they performed very well. I've killed quite a few animals with the Thunderhead. The HellRazor and Crossfire also have worked well for me.

The Steelforces do tend to break. I used them until one tip broke off on a whitetail.

The Thunderhead is hard to beat. Replaceable blades so you can practice with them and the replacements are razor sharp. I've used them on bison, African game, elk, deer, antelope, and javelina. They have been around a long time and there's a reason.
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