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Default Ontario Turkeys

Well I'm relatively new to the turkey hunting sport this will be my fifth season pursuing them, Have been lucky enough to have harvested 3 Toms and 2 Jakes in the past 4 years. I find that once you think you hve these animal fgured out they will throw you a curve ball and do something unexpected. Don't have any pictures of my own kills but here is my brother in-law with his first jake last year. He took this jake on the very first time he went turkey hunting with me and he's just purchused the Remingtom 870 that he shot it with on the thursday night before he shot the turkey on Saturday morning.

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Nice turkey! I have a hard time picturing turkeys in Canada. I have no idea why...........
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Bull I was thinking the same thing. Canadian Geese... sure... of course. Canadian Whiskey.... a given.... Canadian Turkey????

Welll there we go!
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woohooooooo, congrats !!!!
Happy Huntin' to all
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