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Originally Posted by ACM_Ralph View Post
Hey Guys,
We have used our Plano cases all over and they have never let us down, I know what you mean about the water, but as far as the rubber arrow holders go, give Plano a call they will probably send you some out, and if not call us here at the studio and I will look to see if we have any extra.
MAKE A NOTE.....The airlines are making it harder and harder to travel with our bows and guns, they are going to make it 60inches total WxH and they are going to charge you extra for anything bigger. So here is hwat we ahve been doing, we ordered the Plano double bow case and we pack our clothes in one side and our bow and arrown and gear in the other, it works great and they can't cry about to many bags. The biggest thing we found with the Plano is they are lighter to start out with and once you add all your gear you are still lighter than most of the cases out there.
I can tell you with our TC Pro hunters we take them down and with the scope they fit in a Plano take down case and this fits right in your luggage but must be locked. Ralph

that's smart! killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.
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have done this a time or two. either fedex or ups your bow to where you are going. less likely it will get lost, and not that expensive to do. my biggest fear when taking something on a plane is that it won't show up. most of the time, I drive to my hunts, but just in case, you might want to think about doing the ups or fedex thing.
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Ralph... are you using the one that was posted in this thread? I have been using older model Plano's, with no issues ever but always heard they weren't airline approved. So we have been looking at the SKB's. Not a big fan of spending any more money than I have to. It just takes away from another hunt!
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