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Default scouting, mowing and snakes

let me tell y'all about my morning/day.....
i went out this morning and scouted some more, didn't hear one bird, but i did see 4 good Toms.....I got there later than i wanted too....the sun was up already and the birds were on the ground.....later ,bout mid morning, i went to the pastures and mowed some openings (gobblers needed some strutting areas, lol)anyway,the snakes were everywhere, all day long ....sunning on the roads , acting like branches laying in the water, that is until you walk by and they freak out in return, i freaked too, lol....even walking through the hammocks ...now i know i posted that snake post and how proud i was and all, but i think i am back to being a total chickenterd when it comes to snakes...i haven't seen but a few rattlers so far this year, but i know they'll be out and about, they always are during turkey season....so y'all be careful, especially seeing it really hasn't even warmed up and they're out and about already.
Happy Huntin' to all
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Alright!!!!!!!!! You hear that youngbuck83? Sankes maybe we will run into some!
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I always have a big problem with copperheads and cottonmouths in my yard or in my tank. Every so often during the Spring I manage to run over a bigun' with my mower. Last year I tried to weed-eat a huge copperhead in my backyard but I just irritated it.

Right now, I've been battling skunks trying to live under my house! I've killed a couple and now have fort knox built out of bricks around the side of my house and I have a radio playing 24/7 over there. I tried to trap them but only succeeded in catching 6 cats!

It's amazing what a 3 1/2" magnum #4 shell will do to a skunk at 15 feet!

...but the smell's enough to make you vomit!

Stinkin' skunks! (no pun intended)
Warm regards,


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Man I hate snakes!!!!! I hope we don't see any!
Anything that can move around w/o the use of arms or legs...just ain't right
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