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We have a wood burning fireplace with heatalator(sp.) in our family room, but it's on the far side of the house. In cold weather it keeps the family room warm, as it's the farthest from the furnace. I can get all the wood I want from where we hunt and we've bought a log splitter off of e-bay that was brand new, but was classified as damaged freight. It's been working just fine!

A friend of mine has a brother that lives in a pole barn converted into living quarters and uses a wood burning stove for heat. He says the furnance hasn't kicked on all winter.

It's funny, because my dad grew up in North Central Nebraska and relied on wood burning stoves for heat and cooking. He said his mom had a knack for knowing when the bread was done in that stove. Of course when he woke up in the morning during the winter, it would be as cold inside as it was outside. No insulation or storm windows. He said they didn't get electricity until he was a senior in high school. Around 1950. And he tells me he's tired of camping! LOL
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