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LOL!! I forgot about that!
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I totally forgot about that too. The next day Adam and I had to try it. It is amazing how strong those magnets are . The blinds are also nice when you want to take a little snooze in
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Oh yeah...I did snooze more than once! lol
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you were probably snoozing when that booner walked right by....and you did not even know....lol
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We have several older Ameristep blinds (as in we bought the last one about two years ago) and we love them!! Ours does not have anything in the bottom so we put down a piece of scrap carpet to roll the chairs on -- and we use office chairs without the arms so we can slide the chair over or swivel around with little to no sound.

Several of ours have the shoot through mesh and one does not. But I have removed the mesh (it velcros on the sides and top) so I can gun hunt out of them.

They have lasted well (with the exception of the one that a critter decided he wanted for his home and tore half of one side out with his claws!!).

And I frequently take naps in them!!
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Default Blind

I have a Scheels Boondocks blind made by Ameristep, and it really works great for me!!!!!! 2 sides have mesh with clips that let you slide it up or down, the other two sides it is velcro'd in!!!!
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I've got an Ameristep outhouse blind that is good for one person but it is pretty tight to draw in but can be done. Jus bought another blind the other week it was an Ground Max in matrix camo, the thing is just a monster but it sets up easy and folds up quick. Got an real good deal on it and couldn't pass it up. Looking forward to hunting turkeys out of it.

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I have hunted out of all the blinds and dollar for dollar value you can't beat Ameristep blinds, the Intimidator and Dominator are super and I am partial to our CHOICE blind, if you have hunted out of blinds and don't like having limited view the CHOICE blind will be your choice! Hahhahhah! Good play on words! I can tell you blind hunting is fun and you talk about being right there eye level, AWESOME!
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I have 2 blinds a Double Bull and I just picked up a Ameristep 360. This is a GREAT way to get the kids out and enjoy the outdoors. I used to bring a small roll of carpet toss down and the kids brought out their coloring books, and small toys to keep them occupied. When a deer got into view I let them know and they loved it.

Wont be doing this anymore as my one son is now hunting (why I bought another blind) and the other will be in the next year. Hes going to be my camera man until he can draw his bow.
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I have a DB, Ameristep and several off beat brands. Without a doubt, the next blind that I need to buy will be an Ameristep, for the money I think they are the best value on the market.
Good luck.
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