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Default Be honest!

Do you wear a safety harness when you hunt from a treestand? I didnt until about 5 years ago. But I will never hunt without one again. I never had any close calls but if I do at least I know I wont be falling 25 feet. If you dont wear one please start.
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i did for a long while, then i started using climbers, then i stopped, even with the ladder stands i have out i don't use them....but i was talking to a old friend of mine a couple of weeks ago that i hadn't talked to in years and i asked about his dad and he said he had died....fell out of his ladder stand......so i'm making it a point to take a harness to each of my ladder stands before season and have them there waiting, so i'll use it.....i would hate for someone to ask one of my girls how their mom is and them have to say that i had died from a fall while hunting......
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I won't get into a tree without one. I am deathly afraid of heights, but have absolutely no fear when I have one on.

This year I heard of a hunter here that fell from his stand and broke his hip. He was alone and tried to crawl out for help. Unfortunately he ended up severing his femoral artery and he died. I believe that it probably would not have ended up that way if he was wearing a proper harness.
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well., some days i do and some days i don't .,
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I've only been in an elevated stand once, and I didn't then. I plan to wear one when I buy my own stand, though.
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always!!!!!!! the first day of bow season i got to my stand and realised i forgot my harness...so i walked all the way to the truck and got it!! i always wear a harness!!!!
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I never used to be able to find one that fit me properly (big boned ) But now I've got my Hunter Safety System and I love it, it doesn't restrict movement at all and is very comfortable. A lot of outfitters require them, so you might as well get used to wearing them if you're going to travel and hunt.
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Yep. I use one.

When I was 12 I fell out of a tree. I was about 25 feet up. I was lucky it was a pine and the branches slowed my fall! I remember tilting my head back and looking. All I could see was a patch of green. I was upside down! Something told me to ball up and tuck my head in as hard as I could. I landed square across the top my shoulders. If I hadn't have tucked my head, I probably would have been pushing lillies.
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sometimes yes, sometimes no. need to get back into the habit again. smart thing to do.
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I know I should wear a harness but, I must be honest and say no...I never have worn one. I think it helps keep me awake to know that I have to pay attention or else I could fall. I have no problem w/ heights though I crawl around like an ape when bullmoose and I are hanging stands.
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