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Default Oryx at White Sands

Has anyone hunted Oryx (gemsbok) on Whitesands missle range in NM? I kinda got the itch to try it, just having a hard time finding info on how to apply. Looks like it's a once in a lifetime draw, and only a 2 day hunt so it might be worth hooking up with a guide to up the odds!
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bowing4bulls is from NM. He may know.
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Yeah it's a hard hunt to get and a short one as well, I have not gotten to go yet, but I know a guy that did, he said that it was a really fun hunt, they saw a lot of oryx and he shot his the 1st day. He did his DIY, but I think it would be best to have a guide for a 2 day hunt.

You may already have this, but if not here is the NM G&F site for more info: www.wildlife.state.nm.us

If you have more Q's just let me know and I will do what I can.
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