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Default Lower 48 spring bear suggestions

First, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to everyone at Archer Choice, namely Ralph and Vicki, for thier dedication and the exctiting hunts they have shared witht me since the first Bear'n down video.
I have been a faithful follower and look forward to each new episode.

I'd like to take try a lower 48 archery spring bear hunt in 2013.
Any suggestions?
I've hunted bear in maine for almost 15 years and only once in the spring but want to try some different scenery yet within the lower 48 states of the US.
I'm not opposed to hunting Canada but want to know peoples thoughts and opinions on options within the US.

Any and all responses are greatly appreciated.
Good luck to all.
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My first thought was over the counter tag availability for this hunt for the State you are going to. Just for the sake of ease of tag availbilty then look at an outfitter if you want one for that State. Almost all the States out west offer a bear season but it takes some research on tags and the regs.(use of dogs and baits) for that State. Table Mountain outfitters runs a spring bear hunt and I think it's in Idaho. Full Draw outfitter in Colorado offers one but I think it is the fall. Just a few to mention but there is a lot more outfitters to look at.

Let us know what you find out and your hunt.
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