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Default 2012 Shotgun Buck

Our gun season opener was 11/17/12. Needless to say 2 days earlier after taking an awesome bow buck, I wasn't prepared for God to bless me again!

I was hunting another ladder stand, same area as where I got my bow buck, still in the woods but closer to some other cut corn fields.The sun came up, beautiful frosty morning and at about 10 minutes to 7am I catch a deer moving along the field edge in front of me, he turned and comes into the woods towards me and all I see are tall tines and lots of points! I shoulder my shotgun (20ga Mossberg with rifle barrel, Nikon Scope), he stops broadside about 40 yards, put the crosshairs on him, BOOM! He leaps in the area, runs and stops broadside in front of me at now about 25 yards! I have my scope on him and DO NOT see any wound or blood...well I immediately put a second shot on him and he dropped in his tracks! All I can figure out is the first shot went under him. Well God blessed me with a beautiful dark horned 10 point! Biggest shotgun buck ever, probably my best buck ever to date, first 10 point I've seen in this area, 8s and 9s are more common. I even had a trail cam pic of him

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For someone that said "I don't live in huge buck" country both your deer this year are very respectable bucks. Congrats
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Congrats on some very good shooting and a great gun season.
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