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Here where I mainly hunt in PA the amount of bucks and size of their antlers have increased. We've never seen as many 8-point or better bucks in one season as we saw last archery season, but the amount of does and overall numbers of deer in the area we hunt decreased. However, the woods have became sickly looking the last couple years and was on a real spiraling downfall and now it's starting to show a little spark of recovering to healthier woods again soon or at least not downfalling anymore just holding stable at the current health state that it's in.

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Better here in southern NJ
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It's slowly starting to get better here we have been seeing more deer, but with the lack of water and the large number of yote's in some areas the deer are having a hard time of it
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Better in Montana. 10 years ago a hard winter wiped out a lot of deer up there! Pretty darn good hunting now.

Texas: I'd like our woods to deteriorate just a bit...especially in the area of "Things that stick" or puncture your skin!
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well in my part of Ontario it has gotten much better. In fact the deer population in some parts of Ontario has in creased so much that huters or allowed to take more deer per season. In the area I'm in we are allowed six deer per per hunter. We have a three month archery season and two one week shotgun/muzzle loader seasons. You can only hunt one of the gun seasons.
It has gotten better big time here. We see deer and turkey every where. I've been lucky to not have hit one yet, with the truck.
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The deer hunting has gotten better AND worse.

The animal quality is better.

The numbers are going down hill due to the increased permits and CWD sharo shooters.

The public land is getting hammered as people loose their hunting land to leases and development. You need to give up your newborn to get a private piece to hunt up here.
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It depends on which speices your hunting. Around here the mulie numbers are down but whitetails are really coming on.
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Was on the way up then we had afew hard winters and lots of coyotes, took the deer herd back alot. There are about the same amount of deer but few bucks but on average the size of deer is going up. Don't too often see any spikers in the last couple of years the smallest deer I shot was a basket rack 6 pointer and I only have seen one spike in the last two years. The bucks seem to be reaching maturity an no one gets to shoot them two often as the go nocturnal once they do mature.

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