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Default White - Whitetail

Ralph and Vicki,

How rare is it to see a white deer? See attached it was shoot today from my Dog House blind today in Virginia. I don't believe it is an Albino because of the brown head and spots. It has two white marks on top of head close to ears which makes it look like she has antlers. I have been watching this deer for the pass four weeks and don't plan on shooting her with my crossbow. In the photo she is only 24 yards away, using the Archers Choice Rangefinder.
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Nice pic!! Looks to be what they call a "piebald". They are legal to shoot here in IL (we just can't shoot all white deer) check your local laws but I'd be sending a spitfire maxx her way ASAP!!!! Pretty rare, I've seen a couple locally but I think they were actually mixed with some axis that escaped from a local farm. Still cool to see though!!
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Piebald deer. Really cool to see but seen quit often here in Ohio and legal to kill. It's genetic trait that might makes it way through a herd where you'll see several in a couple of years.
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Default white doe pic

here is one from new york
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