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Default Crow hunting

Anyone do it? Its a lot of fun. Im looking to do more of that this year. We can only hunt them Fri, Sat, and Sun. One of the few things we can hunt Sundays.
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I have shot a few crows with my new 223 this winter,the public dump is close to work so there are crows every.there will be in spots 6 off them sitting in a open feild at most of the times.

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My friends and I do it. We usually incorporate it with some pigeon killing for the farmers that let us hunt. That's a riot!

We'll stop in and ask permission to crow hunt, go try to bust a few of them then stop back at the farm and roust the pigeons. Nothing like standing outside a silo and having a friend inside yell out "Get ready! There's like 2 dozen of them in here!!"

When we say we'll shoot pigeons (or just stop specifically to shoot pigeons) we've NEVER been turned down. Farmers hate them!
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I love it ... now, understand, I have yet to kill one but I love going! I have only been twice (once before I got a shotgun adapted for me and once after) but it is addicting! Them little suckers can see you if you even blink!!!
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No, can't shot crows here in NM
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I wish I was able to shoot them at my house, but I live within the city limits! I turn on my foxpro fx3 and the crows just pour in! Its a blast since goose season is out, well except for NY, their goose season started today till the 10th but everything is frozen up and hard to find the buggers now.
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