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Default The Jinx is Gone!

Last year, I shot a buck that scored 180 1/8". I know this score because the guy who found him dead told me what he scored. He kept the buck and now tells people about the great hunt when he killed this deer.

That took the wind out of my sails last year. This year, we ended up having to put our dream up for sale due to medical issues. The property hasn't sold yet, so I've been hunting when I can.

Last night I saw a small buck but couldn't get a shot at him due to the brush. Tonight, after being in the stand for a total of 15 minutes, while watching a buck about 100 yards out, this 3.5 year old stopped 35 yards from me giving me a broadside shot through his heart and lungs.

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Congrats AF! I'd not have passed that one up myself.
Sorry to hear that your property hasn't sold yet. On the bright side, ya got a place to go get away for awhile and to get a buck this nice.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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I wouldn't have passed on that buck, either. Congrats AF, on a fine buck.
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Congrats and please pass the luck around some would you --. It would help me this season .LOL
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