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Default Ilinois Deer Season

Well its been awhile since i posted but i figured i'd catch up with everyone. I had the BEST bow season of my life. i only harvested one doe but the activity this year was tremendous. I was hunting my buddy's land down by Pike county and we say 6 different shooter bucks (140+) and 2 of those were 160+. even though i didnt get a shot at any it was cool to have such quality deer within 50 yards and just not getting a shot off. i was really excited for shotgun season but when it hit, it was so windy the deer just didnt move. sunday afternoon the deer finally started to move but by then i was so burned out that i hunted a stand that has never produced for us figuring they werent where they traditionally were maybe they were here. on my way out that night i kicked up 5 deer from my favorite stand and thats how it all ended for me. oh well, cant wait for second season thats comin up in 3 days. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WOODS AND SAFE AND HAPPY HUNTING!!!
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Seeing quality deer like that can make a season! Maybe you will get your shot in the second season. Good luck buddy!
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Sounds like a gold mine of a place and sooner or later the big boy will be in your sights.
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