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Default 2011 Ontario elk hunt

The Ontario government is pleased to announce the first elk hunt in the province since the restoration of elk to Ontario in the late 1990s. The restoration of elk is a significant achievement for the province, made possible by the many partners who contributed to bringing elk back to Ontario.
The goal of Ontariofs Elk Management Plan is to support self] sustaining elk populations in the province that can provide a range of benefits to Ontarians. The Ministry of Natural Resources has developed the following items to support healthy and sustainable elk populations in Ontario, and to create hunting opportunities in the province where self] sustaining elk populations exist: ��
Elk Population Objective Setting Guidelines and a
specific population objective for the Bancroft Bancroft]North Hastings area,
Elk Harvest Management Guidelines and the
regulations to support them, and
Elk Draw System to distribute hunting opportunities to
Where and when is there an open season for elk hunting?
For 2011, Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, and 63A have an open season for hunting elk. These units are highlighted in the map below.
Although an entire WMU has an open season, the area where an elklicence and seal is valid will be restricted to smaller portions of the WMU called a Harvest Area. This approach will support effective elk population management. Detailed information on Harvest Area boundaries for elk will be availablein the 2011 Hunting Regulations Summary.
The open season for elk is one week long and takes place from the 3rd Monday in September to thefollowing Sunday. In 2011 this is September 19thto September 25th.
How can hunters apply for an elk seal and licence?
Make sure to check the 2011 Hunting Regulations Summary for detailed information and important dates for the elk draw.
Submit an application
Each hunter pays an application fee to enter the draw. You can apply as an individual or as a group of up to four hunters on one application. You will only need to purchase a licence if you (or a member of your group) are successful in the draw. On your application, you may:
Indicate two choices for WMU and Harvest Area. The animal type (i.e. bull or cow) will be randomly assigned.
Include up to three additional group members (see modified partyhunting information on Page 3). Only apply once –if you are listed as a member of a group on an application, do not submit a separate application for yourself.
Purchase your licence and seal
How can
you hunt for elk in Ontario?
The random draw takes place
If drawn, you will be notified of your success and be able to purchase an elk licence. Successful applicants will be assigned an elk seal for an area (i.e. one of the WMU/Harvest Area choices you indicated on your application) and for an animal type (i.e. bull or cow).
Any members of a successful applicant’s group will also be notified and be able to purchase an elk licence.
As an applicant successfully drawn for a seal you are not eligible to receive another elk seal for the next five years.
If you are a successful applicant you are able to purchase an elk licence and will receive a seal.
If you are part of a group with a successful applicant, you are also able to purchase an elk licence, but will not receive a seal. Only one seal is issued per group.
Under certain circumstances, elk seals may be transferred to another group member if the seal recipient is unable to hunt.
Get ready for the elk hunting season…
Make sure you are aware of the regulations that apply to elk hunting. Elk hunting regulations are described on the next page.

I know i'm putting in to try and draw a tag!
Have a cuz that lives close to numerous WMU's that are having the hunt and has access to about 1500 acres of private in total, and alot of it backs to Crown Land.........FINGERS ARE CROSSED!!!!
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Good luck. Seems I read more and more the restablishment of elk back east is becoming a success story.
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