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Default Turkey vests

I got tired of my day pack this year. Walking out on day, I had a deer get up out of it's bed and I couldn't quite get my riflestock positoned on my shoulder because of the way the shoulder straps are made. On the way home, I thought back on my issue and decided to fix it. The pack straps don't pull inwards towards the center of my chest even with the center strap hooked. When putting up my stuff at home, I looked across the room and there sat my turkey vest. Big, wide, flat shoulder pads with recoil padding. Worked well this spring while running the woods after turkeys so why not deer? Lots of pockets for storage. Heck I used the boxcaller pocket for my grunt tube. That built in chair was the ticket for keeping my butt off of the frozen and often wet ground. When in a treestand all my stuff(junk) was right at hand, not hanging from the side of the tree above my head.
If ya got a good walk into your stand, the big opening in the back makes a fine spot to stow extra clothes or jackets.

Figured I share this. It worked for me. It may work for ya'll.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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Thats a good idea. I kind of laugh at myself sometimes with all the stuff (junk) I take to the stand with me anymore. Gotta love toys.
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