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Default A couple 2010 outings

Sept. 9, opener early goose
Scored alot of permission since last weekend for fields but wasn't able to get out and do anymore scouting since Sunday. Planned on getting up yesterday to some more but didn't hear the alarm go off and slept in.
Wasn't sure what to expect for this AM but I knew they were using the area and thought we would do ok.
Shooting BLEW at the start and we should have had a limit within about 2 hrs, but callled it a morning around 10:30 or so and left the field with 13 birds so i'm not gonna complain.

Sept. 12
Managed to get out again on Saturday and setup on a field that was cut a week ago. We weren't sure if the birds were hitting it yet or not, but knew there should be some traffic birds. Most birds were not even interested even with the BEST CALLING i've ever heard and the flags and had there minds set on where they wanted to go. We did manage 2 on the ground with me not even raising the gun because it was the 2 other shooters first outing of the year. For the afternoon shoot we had more then one possiblity, so I made a phone call to owner to see if the birds were in the field the night before and they were. My mind was made figuring these birds were not hunted to hard if at all. Got there around 2:30 with 5 shooters and setup 8 dz GHG, BigFoot fullbodies and FA shells in a hay field/oats. First flock that came through was around 6:30 and just barely crested the the high part of the field and landed 80 yrds BEHIND us. Sent the dogs out to scare them up in hopes they would maybe come over to shoot at and didn't want any live birds in the field for the others to just land in with. 15 or 20 mins later the birds started to show them selves and the shooting began dropping several birds out of the first flock. More flocks, singles and doubles started to show and we managed to drop a total of 12 birds. Some of the birds were also hitting a field on the other side of the barn so we thought. They were actually hitting a cut wheat field next door which I had last year and i'm sure i'll have again this week.
Probably get out one more time during the week after work and i'm sure i'll be out next Saturday.
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