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Default 7:11 on 9-11

Up in my stand at 5 am as I like to be in real early to let anything I bump settle down. Sure enough, on the way in I did here some things bound off.

6:15 AM, where did they come from? 2 small does slipped in about 20 yards out. Too dark for my pin sights but still fun to see some activity just as dawn was breaking.

Of the go too far away but I watched the walk away.

About 6:40 I just happened to glance straight ahead and noticed a doe out in the clear cut eating on the browse. Then, I noticed those twigs were not twigs but a good buck. He went slowly into the clear cut, down the hill not to be seen again.

About 7am I was wondering if I had see all the deer I was going to see when suddenly off to my hard left I see some deers!

I got my Hoyt Lazer Tech ready and then settled it down as it was 2 small deer with spots. But off to the left here come the does.

While the small deer walked straight left to right in from of my stand 10 yards out, the big does started what wound up being a lazy S heading out from me but slinking back. Then, one stepped into a little gap. I aimed at her at 30 yards, shot, saw the doe kick and start to bolt off. A good "thwak!" and I knew I had a hit and I hoped it was a good one. I saw her run but in 20 yards she piled up! I love it when tracking jobs are that easy! It was 7:11am. That was a short opening day!

I filed dressed her and brought her to the game processor. I donated the meat to the Hunters Feeding the Hungry program and donated more than they requested to help fund the program.The game processor was happy as it was a big doe. Lots of folks he said will shoot anything to get the 'earn a buck' tag. He was happy to see this doe as she almost topped out at 100 pounds!

I always like to donate the first deer I get.

Now, I can go out tomorrow if I want. I can't get out tonight as I am on duty. But, no I am free to figure which buck I want to get as there have been some big ones on my property. heck, I may even hold off until the rut in November as that is when I've seen some really big, big deer on my land and only then!

Well that's my story. I think this is the first bow deer I've ever gotten on opening day.

Thanks for reading through my little exciting tale of today!
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