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Angry Is customer service dead?

Moultrie sent me the wrong item. I was very specific in letting them know they sent me the wrong feeder.

I sent an email after an impossibly long wait on the no-service 800 number. 82 minute wait?

Anyway, at least they sent me the email response back but holy cow, do they not read emails correctly.

Hopefully they will 'get it' if they read the correspondence slowly and accurately but the process sure got my blood boiling.
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Here is my response to their first response:


It is not defective; you folks sent me the wrong item. It was not a camera.. I ordered the 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter feeder. You folks sent me the Demand feeder. I should not have to pay for the return. If you send the correct one and a UPS slip to return the wrong one, that is the better process.

Thanks for you quick response on my initial inquiry.

Please let me know how we can make the correction without money out of my pocket for the mistaken shipment.



From: Hannah
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 6:02 PM
Subject: Moultrie Customer Service

In response to the problem you are experiencing with your cameras display.

We have a 12 month warranty on our products from the date of purchase. If your unit is under warranty we will replace the camera for you at no charge. You can send the unit to the following address with a copy of the sales receipt, a note with your name, physical address, phone number and the issue with the camera:

Moultrie Feeders
150 Industrial Road
Alabaster, AL 35007
Attn: Repair Department

If the unit is out of warranty we can send you the display along with the replacement instructions and you can repair the camera yourself.

If you would like the replacement display please verify your shipping address and the model of your camera.

Thanks for using Moultrie
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Wow! They can type, but can't read. You were very clear in your problem, and they were very clear in not paying attention to your issue.
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Start all over and send them another Email. Title it as WRONG FEEDER! maybe they'll get the idea, maybe not...
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I hate to say it but I have had horrible service from Moultrie regarding their I40 cameras.. I have had 5 of them with issues and Moultrie basically gave me the blow off..

Took them back to the sports store I bought them from and ordered two Reconyx.. Never made a better decision in my life!

Good luck getting your problem fixed!

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I have heard the sevice at moultrie is terrible
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Here is their 800 number: (800) 653-3334. If your customer service rep doesn't seem to be able to cure the issue, don't be afraid to ask for their supervisor. I have taken complaints before w/other companies all the way to the top. Sooner or later, I get the problem taken care of w/compensation for the time I spend to get it done.
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I had a heck of time trying to get through to their customer service. I had some other folks just went ahead and sent their products in and got replacement ones without calling. I'm sending back a game camera that won't take pictures unless you're real close to the camera.
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