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not for awhile,. i have not shot a doe that had a fawn with here in a few years.,
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I have no problem shooting a doe with little ones. Seeing it on tv would be fine. As long as there was no tiny ones with.
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I'll shoot does with or w/o fawns. In our neck of the woods, we have plenty of them, so i do what i can as a wildlife management specialist.
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I Have Shot Does In The Past That Had Yearlyings, I Don't See Anything Wrong With It. I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Them Being Shot On Tv / Video Either.

I Wouldn't Shot If The Little Ones Had Spots Still On Them!!!!

Good Tasting:d
I'm at Fulldraw waiting for the SHOT!!!!????

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I will shoot does with or without yearlings...we have plenty of deer...
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I like to harvest mature does but don't balk at someone taking a yearling or a mother with yearlings. My sis-in-law shot a yearling once and start crying. I told her stop her crying and that it'd be the best tasting deer out of all of em. That's pretty much my stance. It's an individual CHOICE. The important thing is that we do our part through that "thinning" to improve the habitat.
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Here's the thing about shooting does with yearlings. Most does have twins and one of the twins is a nub buck. Now if you let that doe live and frolick around on your propery, she will eventually push that buck out of the area or it will leave on it's own. If you shoot that doe, that nub buck will more than likely build that core area around where it was born and not disperse. There was a fine artical in Peterson's Bowhunting on this subject. Shoot them does and keep then nubs in the area in my opinion. I have no problem shooting them!!
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Back in the 80's I read an article that said you should shoot the yearling and let the mature live because she was more likely to survive. So I did. The mother would not leave and was obviously agitated.

I shot her too. Yep, I put my "A" tag on her and called it a season. They both tasted great, but it has always bothered me. I no longer shoot either one if they are together.

Somehow, I could not get over the feeling that I committed a sin that day. Now, I listen to my on thoughts on what is the right thing to do. SRM out!
"The way that you wander is the way that you choose..."
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I dont have a problem either way and I think we all know how Emily feels.....
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Yep, Emily rocks!! So do you.
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