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Default I've got issues....

OK, I've developed a case of target panic......with my rifle I've heard of people getting it with archery equipment (thankfully not me.....yet) But I guess I've never heard of it with a gun -- and before anyone chimes in that I'm flinching from recoil, I'm not. I've never really been sensitive to recoil and shoot large caliber guns often. If I shoot at a target say at 100-200 yards and don't really concentrate on making a precise shot but focus more on trigger control I don't have any problems. If I reach out to say 300+ and really try to make a pin point shot...I jerk right before the trigger breaks, however if I just point at the target (and don't try to place an exact shot) I'm fine. Same results with dry fire practice. I think I'm going to practice more at shorter distances and maybe break out the .22 to do some serious practicing. Even though 22 ammo has gone through the roof it's still much cheaper than shooting the big dogs!!! Also I think I'll get some snap caps and do lots of dry firing. Has anyone had this happen to them before? Any suggestions? It's getting seriously annoying!
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For me it's not the recoil, either, it's the anticipation of the roar of the rifle. It only happens when I'm really concentrating on precision. If I shoot quickly, no problem.

Oh, I've played the target panic game with the bow too. Don't know where or why that started, but was really glad when it went away.
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Hmm...I've seen this happen before.

Since you can't "let down", do this. Have someone with you, shoot once then hand your gun to your buddy. Have him/her either put in a round or act like he/she is putting in a round. Then shoot. Repeat as necessary. The point is, you don't know what they did and have to shoot like it's live. BUT the thought that there might not be, seems to help, because you're not concentrating on the target as much.

BTW, this helps with flinching as well.
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I used to have the same problem with my .30-06. Lots of dry fire practice and lots of .22 practice has made me a MUCH better shot.
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.22 and squirrel hunting. That should do the trick!!!!!!Unless there is a season and it's over!!!!!
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Try a different caliber - like you said a 22 or even break out a hand gun and see how you handle that for a while. When it gets the better of me in archery I try another release. The difference and the concentration changes enough to distort my TP conditioning. I was told with TP in archery once you get it you have some form of it for ever. I hope for your sake it ain't true.
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Been there not a lot of fun. I just try to keep relaxed. Try shooting another rifle or take a small break don't analyze what you are doing. Just take a break and do something else (ready a bow hunter mag or your favorite hunting magazine) . When you feel you are ready then just do it; try not to think about what you are doing. That's what i try and do and for me its effective.
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