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Default Rabbits

With the big game seasons about over I turn my attention to hunting small game, aka rabbits!

I've been out a couple of times and did real well.

It was -5 when I was hunting in this first pic

Weather was quite abit better in the second pic (today)

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get those wascally wabbits!
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That's some good shooting!!
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Spot and stalk! Looks like fun, but I'll stick with my beagles. Great shooting. Looks like ya didn't waste no meat with those head shots.

Couple of those rabbits and a big bottle of KC Masterpiece.....MMMMMM!!!!! GOOD!!!!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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I was out in Wyoming a few years back for an antelope hunt. It seemed like there was a rabbit behind every other sage bush. Nice to see someone thining out that herd. Nice shoot'n.
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I think those should count towards our team. Especially taking them with a pistol. Just sayin.......

Way to go wyote!
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I love to rabbit hunt. Way to go. I have never tried a pistol. Like to take the old ruger 10/22. Just waiting for a good snow.
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