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THUNK!(Him hitting the ground) Need I say more?
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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If this buck was in Indiana, yep. Looks like a 3 1/2 yo. If he's on your property, let him go at least another year.
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Yep! haha

I'm gonna say he scores around 120". What say you Scott?
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I'd think he'd be 100-115 most likely. Would depend on how much time was left in the hunting season if I'd shoot or not. I had an empty freezer up till last weekend when I killed my first of the year an 100" 8 pointer that offered me an good shot that I could no longer pass up on.

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110-120 from the angle of the picture. and that may be heavy. as far as shooting him? yep. meat hunter. not an antler hunter. venison, its whats for dinner.

24" mains = 48
5" brows = 10
10" G-2's = 20
4" G-3's = 8
16" inside = 16
total 102"
plus mass measurements
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Originally Posted by Bow Drawn View Post
110 to 120 and he looks older from what I'm seeing here so Yes I would.
I think your right...and here in western NY where I hunt I'd shoot a buck like that without a 2nd thought and be proud to take him!
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From the angle, i'm gonna go with low 130's.
Spread appears to be past his ears, good mass and beam length.
19" inside
G1's 6"
G2's 10"
G3's 5"
22" main beams and 2" to 4" circ. measurements
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In MD or PA yeah I would shoot...

Out west, nope...

I put him at 120 max...
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Yes and I dont know. But it would make my min. standard for this year main beams out past ears and min 8 pts.
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