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Default Throw another shrimp (hog) on the BBQ

I was watching a Choice rerun show tonight about pig hunting in Florida. Ralph opted for a smaller hog that was bbq sized, over taking a monster hog. I couldn't agree more. Poppin' an eater for the camp that can be tossed on the bbq for a sociable party is my kind'a hunt. Spending enjoyable time in the field is one of my reasons I hunt. Oh sure I like to take a trophy as much as the next hunter, but socializing with friends is as good as a trophy to me, and what better way than to hold a pig roast with a real scrumtious suckling pig on the smoker/roaster.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

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couldnt agree more........
Happy Huntin' to all
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Tbow I agree.

The problem is the cost involved on a guided hunt. The regular hunter in camp pays the same no matter how big the pig and for that reason most hunters are after the Hogzilla. Although Hogzilla tastes like somebodies dirty socks.

Now if I lived where I could hunt and kill wild pigs year round those little suckling whole piglets would be on the menu with an apple in the mouth and all.
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