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Default Tags in Illinois

This might sound stupid but I have no idea how many tags one can get in Illinois as a resident. Thinking of hunting in a couple of different spots throughout next year. Just wondering if I can get multiple tags.
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Depends on the season. If you are a resident....you can get unlimited archery tags over the counter. You can also apply for 2 gun tags and I believe 2 muzzleloader tags....along with a late winter antlerless only tag.

No matter how many tags you have....you can only shoot two bucks.

You can shoot two bucks with a bow....or one with a bow and one with a gun or muzzleloader tag. Or...you can shoot one with a gun tag and one with a muzzleloader season tag.

Plus...you can use your muzzleloader tag during the 2nd gun season. So, in theory...you can shoot two bucks during the 2nd gun season as long as you have a "gun" tag and a "muzzleloader season" tag.

Any gun season tags can be used as an antlerless only tag during the late winter hunt in January.
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Scott, I think you also can get as many gun tags as you want once the random daily drawings start (or now once they become available over the counter) And as long as you have 2 buck tags during 1st season you should be able to harvest two bucks during that season as well. I do agree though you can harvest two during the second season with a gun tag and a muzzleloader tag as long as you use your muzzleloader to fill the the muzzleloader tag. Also I think he was wondering if you could get tags for multiple counties. The answer is yes, but you can't apply for more that one until either the second lotter or random daily drawings (I'm not sure which one but it is listed on the applications). Don't you love our regs...they are clear as mud!!
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Sorry Scott but tim is right on this one. i had 5 tags this year and my neighbor had 8. i had three either sex tags for shotgun season. just keep sending in applications. whats the worst that can happen you get your money back .
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