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Default cry fest

dont read...im just complaining...venting time...so there is was opening day of shotgun season. i couldnt hunt that morning cause i was student teaching so my cousin took my stand. this would be ok with me if he changed a few things. he doesnt like showering at my grandparents house, where we hunt, and only wheres blue jeans. he didnt shower for 4 days prior to hunting, didnt spray down, and spooked four bucks that morning; he says anyway. so i didnt know this when i went hunting here. i have never ever ever been skunked from this stand ever ever ever before. well it happened. and the wind that day was blowing in the total wrong direction for that stand and blew his scent all over our property. since he quit seeing deer, he decided to go walk around and find some deer. we only hunt 45 acres of timber. he checked out every single stand we had set up and left the woods. i gun hunted all day saturday and sunday and so did my dad and neither of us saw a deer. never a problem on this farm. i was a little upset and bowhunted the rest of that week since i was on fall break and saw one button buck. that was it. this stinks so bad...
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boooooohoooooo!! Sorry, that was mean!! But you didn't stop by and bring us pizza!! Just kidding!! Hopefully this weekend will be better for you!! Take care Bud!!
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