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I currently shoot about a 350-grain hunting arrow, but that may change when I go to redo my setup this year. I haven't shot 3D in a long time (since I was a teenager), so my bow isn't setup for it.

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gold tip xt camo hunters for ...duh!! Hunting

andy gold tip ultralite pros for 3D.
For spots its easton aluminums
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I've been flipping between Redhead Carbon Fury 400 and Beman ICS Hunters 350. Both tipped with 100 grain field tips. Got a Robin Hood the first night I shot the Carbon Fury, but the Beman fly a little better, with less noise over all. The Redheads are cut to 29" whereas the Beman aren't cut down at all. I'm happy with both, but I think I'll stick with the Bemans in the field.
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Practice with the same setup year long, no surprise or adjustments needed.
Gold tips Pro hunters, Black Hawk Pro series, Easton Epics, carbon Express maxima Hunters are all great shafts and make great arrows for hunting or practice.
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