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So FD,

You've kept us hanging in Limbo. Provide us with a follow up.

Did you go with the moving body parts....or did you opt for the beer? AND, did any of it work?

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Well.....a JUMBO and 4 other shooters showed up on a trail camera at another farm so I have not been back to the ground blind setup.
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Default Same here

i know exactly how you feel scott, ive had the worst luck ever this year and it really sucks. But my season aint over til jan. 15, and until that day comes, im gonna keep huntin. Good Luck buddy, wish me luck.
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im going with yorkarcher on this one... good technique.. i would check out. but in all seriousness my bleat call is worth its weight in gold. by far the one tool i will always i have on me. and my bow of course.
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little late, but what the heck. have shot more than a few bucks over a decoy. first, add a plastic tail to the decoy. cut strips of a white garbage bag and tape the strips to each side of the decoys tail. these will blow in the wind. adds life to the decoy. second, do the same thing with the ears. add the garbage bag strips to the inside of the ears. make them long enough so that the wind moves them. third, add some scent around the decoy. DO NOT PUT THE SCENT on the decoy. use 35 mm film canisters, stuff them with cotton, and then add the scent. have used this set up numerous times and have always had deer check out the decoy. shot one of the twin 7 pointers trying to get friendly with it. also, have had other does run the thing over. cameras are always a good thing to have with you when you have a decoy out.
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