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Default Lucky Hunter!!!

While hunting in Pike a few weeks ago...my partner and I got into a discussion on the use of a chest harness or waist belt instead of a full body harness. It was my opinion that these types were dangerous for various reasons.

When we got back to camp later that morning, a hunter had just returned from town where he purchased a full body harness. During that morning's hunt, he had fallen out of the stand and the tension on the chest harness he was wearing made it impossible to breath. He also had to deal with the pain of having a large buckled jammed into his sternum.

He was able to claw his way back into the stand and the story has a happy ending.

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Long story short....He'd be dead!

I've seen a number of videos showing the strain that different style harness put on ya. I must say up front that these weren't try to sell anything(not made by the manufacturer of XYZ Body Harness) but safety related only. Belt harnesses can cause internal bleeding and the chest type can constrict your chest, like the guy you told about above. If you were left hanging for any length of time, blood and oxygen starvation will make ya dead. Being able to get back in the stand saved his life. He probably had the catch belt up high enough that he didn't fall too far.
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To add to the full body harness you should also carry a strap long enough to be hooked to your lineman hook-up and be able to stand on it. The harness is only good for a short time before your leg circulation is restricted causing pressure on your heart. The strap allows you time to stand up and then make a plan to recover to your steps, ladder or stand. Meanwhile you should be carrying a cell phone and call someone as to what just happened and if you don't call back soon that they should be coming out to help you.
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Scott, with both of us being in the fire service, im sure we both know and have seen the negative outcomes of 1 piece harness. I dont do anything on the job without a full harness, other than an emergency personal bailout. Then perhaps a seat harness would be permitted.
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