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Default Ladybowhntr's OK doe hunt

You can watch the video at www.MyArcheryHunt.com October lull episode. Keep in mind, hunting can be different in OK/TX as alot of feeders are used to pull the deer out. I had 2 days to hunt. This was the 1st AM. Sat, the 3rd.
I have since acquired 500 acres here in TX about 40 minutes away to hunt. Presently I am allowed to hunt does and cull bucks. The person was a patient of mine a couple weeks ago and says he's overrun with does. He is not charging me anything to come in and do some doe management as he has 6 guys that lease it for gun hunting/buck hunting. He is requiring them this year to take a doe first then they can shoot a buck. Tues eve/Wed am, I was there with Randy, my cameraman in the video, and we set up in a huge pecan tree. No way to get a camera arm on the tree as it was about 6-7 foot in diameter. We had to improvise with longer straps to get our stands up and I chose to run the camera. Randy shot 2, one a double lung, the other she stepped forward as the arrow left and was hit farther back than we liked. We did not find her. Had to climb hills at a 45 degree angle and my legs still hurt!!! I sat in a blind Wed Am and saw nothing but the Bro-in-law. But we only had about 2 hrs to hunt due to other obligations. I'll be back later next week after the gunners leave WED. We were covered in does within15 min of getting set up Tues. Eve. The owner is very happy with me being willing to come in and knock down some does. Foot in the door for getting on some bucks. I may go back to OK for another try at a buck, but, set up in the creek bottom area no where near a feeder!!!!

Check out that skeeter on my forehead. Randy tried to let me nknow it was there, but, I was oblivious to it. At the time, I was sitting on my thermacell that was hanging at the bottom of my backpack. Oddly enough, the bite never itched!!!
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Nice shooting! Doe hunting is as much a blast as buck hunting. Congrats! And the skeeter is trophy size on your forehead LOL.
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